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French manufacturer of trapezoidal
or ball screws and nuts

All solutions when reliability of movement is your priority!

Our experts accompany you in your projects

From standard to customised products, we adapt to all your needs!

Customised trapezoidal screws

We can produce trapezoidal screws according to your own specifications. Straightened screws with one or both ends annealed before machining, machined according to drawing or any other diameter and pitch.

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Trapezoidal screws

Our trapezoidal threaded rods are obtained by cold forming (rolling) according to ISO 2901/2902 and DIN103 in tolerance 7e. We offer four product ranges: a precision range in C45 (1.0503), a standard range in C15 (1.0401) and two ranges in stainless steel 316L (1.4404) and 304L (1.4307) to adapt to all your needs.

Trapezoidal nuts

We have a complete and diversified range of products, perfectly adapted to our screws. Our high-performance, economical and reliable nuts will perfectly meet your needs. We offer 3 material grades: steel, bronze or plastic, available in right and left-hand threads, in single and double threads.

Ball screws

Ball screws consist of a threaded shaft with a gothic profile and a nut in which balls circulate. The action of the balls transforms the friction of a screw/nut system into a bearing. The efficiency and accuracy of movement is optimised, smooth, fast and quiet. The ball screw offers an optimum solution in terms of performance, load capacity and longevity.

Custom-made rolled ball screws

We can manufacture ball screws to your own specifications, according to your drawing, or any other diameter and pitch... Contact us!

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All our screws can be delivered cut to any length. If not specifically requested, the bars will be delivered without chamfer and with the standard straightness.

On request, we can supply chamfered and/or straightened bars. For all requests outside the standard length and characteristics, a preliminary price study is required.

Depending on your requirements, we can also machine the ends of screws or perform additional operations on our standard nuts.

Ball nuts

Thanks to the balls inside the nut, the friction of the screw/nut assembly is transformed into a more efficient and quieter bearing. Ball nuts are made of steel, cylindrical or flanged.