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Custom-made solutions
All solutions on demand or personalized
We manufacture specific products at 70% of our turnover!
DNA shaped in quality and precision

French manufacturer of trapezoidal
or ball screws and nuts

All solutions when reliability of movement is your priority!

The Custom-made by Gradel-Baudin

Parts, sub-assemblies according to drawings
and special productions
in small and large series

From special alloys to the most specific dimensions, whatever your needs, you will find with us an answer to your requirements!
Our assemblies, customised bar ends and nuts are available in standard lengths, or cut and machined according to drawing.

We produce non-standard assemblies and productions according to drawings, given by you and validated by our team.
We can with our customized offer support you to carry out your projects, whatever your needs! We meet your requirements thanks to the know-how of our staff, while relying on the quality and inventiveness of our tried and tested industrial tool.


• Assembly
• Machined threaded screws
• Connections
• Special nuts
(cylindrical, hexagonal, square or flanged)
• Dimensional range
• Additionnal operations
• Packaging
• Right or left hand pitch
• Thread profiles
• Transmission sub-assemblies
• Heat or surface treatments
• Custom work
• Bored or shafted worms

Guaranteed cost-effectiveness
through adapted and customised options

An expert at your disposal

To ensure the best quality of service, we systematically adapt to your needs.

From sales manager to delivery driver: a complete team provides you with the best service.

Whatever the size of your company, giving you first class service is our main objective as well as fulfilling your specific needs while controlling your costs.

One contact: your expert sales manager!

Christophe BRIAND

Christophe BRIAND

Technical expert
+33 (0)4 50 58 26 81‬