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Custom-made solutions
All solutions on demand or personalized
We manufacture specific products at 70% of our turnover!
DNA shaped in quality and precision

French manufacturer of trapezoidal
or ball screws and nuts

All solutions when reliability of movement is your priority!

Machining, a second core business at Gradel-Baudin

Whatever the material,
whatever the size,
we have a machining
solution for you!

Threaded sets machining

Thanks to machining, Gradel-Baudin offers an alternative manufacturing process to rolling, in order to make your threaded products according to your specifications.

When rolling is not suitable, we machine your bars in order to bring you a tailor-made solution, at a cost-effective option. If you have a particularly complex part, we can advise and help you through our expert knowledge in threading. We can also offer machining options to produce prototypes, pre-series parts, or any other order that cannot be made by rolling.

Gradel-Baudin puts at your disposal its experience, its know-how and its resourcefulness in order to deliver you threaded products machined according to your specifications.

Our support and our help on conception will allow you considerably to reduce the manufacturing cost.

Machining all types of parts, all types of material

We carry out all your machining orders on powerful numerically controlled machines. We can machine steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, plastic or any other material upon request.

Milling, turning, drilling, all these operations are perfectly handled. We also make all secondary operation machining and various thermic or surfacing treatments: zinc plating, chromium plating, anodising, chemical nickel-plating, grinding, nitriding, hardening, phosphate coating…


• Customised screw extremities
• Machining of all kinds of material
• Machining lengths: < 6 m
• Diameters: < 102 mm

• Machining of all kinds of material
• External diameters: < 300 mm

Guaranteed cost-effectiveness
through adapted and customised options

An expert at your disposal

To ensure the best quality of service, we systematically adapt to your needs.

From sales manager to delivery driver: a complete team provides you with the best service.

Whatever the size of your company, giving you first class service is our main objective as well as fulfilling your specific needs while controlling your costs.

One contact: your expert sales manager!

Christophe BRIAND

Christophe BRIAND

Technical expert
+33 (0)4 50 58 26 81‬