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Control of the supply chain


Key element of the supply chain, we attach great importance to our raw material sourcing. We source in the best way possible from our suppliers in France, Italy and Germany to obtain the raw material that will best satisfy to our customers’ needs.

Good sourcing of steels allows us in fact to obtain products of excellent quality. It ensures we have a reliable traceability of the products since their origin. We are therefore able to provide, upon request, a « material certificate » for each of our threaded sets: ball screws, nuts, etc.

Each client has a specific use for the threaded bars they buy ! Accordingly, we source the gross steel bars.

In most cases, we know which class of steel corresponds best to our clients’ needs! We advise and orient them towards the best choice in material for an optimised material cost.

In order to avoid an unthinkable stop in our clients’ chain production with big volumes and regular deliveries, we make sure we have enough supply.

Supply chain

In 2020, we bought 200 sqm of wood panels to make our special wood boxes !

Figures from a year of shipping (2020):
• 2,400 wooden boxes
• 760 pallets
• 462 cardboard boxes

Total weight: 1,200 tons

roulage molette huile

Adaptable and responsive production


From prototype to mass production, we roll and machine all sorts of diameters, in different lengths, in various shades of steel. We manufacture a large range of standard screws and nuts, and we hold a large permanent level of stock to deliver our clients in the most effective time.

Our second asset is meeting your specific demands as a large part of our manufacturing production concerns made-to-measure products.

Whether you are looking for a special material, a specific machining or threading process, we can study your request together to make the most of our expertise. We accompany you in the production of a special part or a prototype while working altogether on your part design specifications.

We work all types of material and we are always capable of offering you a solution ! Whatever you require, whether it is threading, connexion, our know-how will guarantee you an immediate reliable and appropriate response.

Packaging always adapted to our products


Everything produced on our premises is carefully wrapped before being shipped ! Our threaded bars and ball screws are packaged in wooden boxes, in spruce pine. All our packaging is strapped and filmed for transport before being shipped in France and all over the world.

Gradel-Baudin has its own carpentry workshop. An expert carpenter makes and assembles our wooden boxes daily. If necessary, we create made-to-measure boxes adapted in length and volume to each threaded bar or each ball screw type.

In 2020, we bought 200 sqm of wood panels to make special boxes ! 2,400 wooden boxes, 760 pallets, 462 cardboard boxes: these are the figures from one year of shipping, for a total weight of 1,200 tons.

Screws are protected by oiled paper, in order to avoid any risk of corrosion. We also have all kinds of protection for packaging, rondeaux, VCI shafts, plastic films, protection films, separation rings, plastic bags…

For our export shipping, our wood packaging is in accordance with rules in force. Our boxes are fumigated and certified by the IMP15 norm.

packaging caisse ecrous 800x740
supply chain logistique

Transport maximised for fast reliable delivery

Delivery and Transport

Last link of the supply chain: delivery. We insist on the importance of offering you a responsive, efficient and reliable transportation service. We work in partnership with several transport providers, and we ship products of various weights and volumes, from the simplest nut in a cardboard box to a large volume ball screws carefully packed in a container for Asia.

Cardboard boxes with low weight and small volumes are taken every day by express registered forwarding agents, for delivery all over France with a one-to-two-day time frame, for an international delivery within two to four days. Screws are shipped daily by our registered shipping companies, by parcel service, to France and Europe. According to the volume, one or several lorries are loaded, for delivery in France or every country of the continent.

For international export, we work with registered forwarding agents, by air or by boat.

Our experts accompany you in your projects.

If needed, Gradel-Baudin
keeps your products in stock
on consignment.


If the stock on consignment is part of your supplying strategy, we offer a stocking solution. Once produced, we keep in stock all your products in our facility until they are taken in consignment.

Ask us!

Guaranteed cost-effectiveness
through adapted and customised options

An expert at your disposal

To ensure the best quality of service, we systematically adapt to your needs.

From sales manager to delivery driver: a complete team provides you with the best service.

Whatever the size of your company, giving you first class service is our main objective as well as fulfilling your specific needs while controlling your costs.

One contact: your expert sales manager!

Christophe BRIAND

Christophe BRIAND

Technical expert
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