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Gradel-Baudin surface heat treatment

We manage heat treatments assisted by our numerically controlled machine!

Induction hardening

Gradel-Baudin ball-screws are made by cold deformation. This process consists of deforming a smooth metal bar by pressing it by rotation with the help of tools called knurling wheels to obtain the thread. We use steels combined with carbon, known for their high quality: C55R (1.1209) or CF53 (1.1213). After rolling, screws are subjected to superficial induction hardening…

Induction hardening is a process used for the surface hardening of steel and other alloys. This type of treatment enables hardening of the screw surface, while preserving its core mechanical characteristics. This guarantees a good performance in standing the test of time and improves the resistance to fatigue. The screws are placed inside a copper coil, the alternative current in the coil inducts a magnetic field, that heats the external surface of the part until it reaches a temperature higher than the transformation of steel. The components heated by the alternative magnetic field are then subjected to an immediate hardening process to cool them down.

The induction hardening enables a high surface hardness to be obtained with a great depth of hardening, capable of enduring extremely heavy weight. The resistance to fatigue is increased by the development of a supple core surrounded by a solid external layer. These properties are required for parts subject to twist and shocks.

The induction process is carried out part by part

This process of induction hardening enables to manage the depth of hardening as well as its toughness. Induction hardening is used to reinforce a specific area of the part. We are capable of localized made-to-measure hardening, in accordance with the client’s needs. Afterwards, the screws are cleaned, polished and controlled one by one.

Induction hardening

Ø from 9 to 80 mm

from 2 to 6 m

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Christophe BRIAND

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