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Ball screws

Gradel-Baudin ball screws, manufactured by cold forming, consist of a threaded shaft with a gothic profile and a nut in which balls circulate. The ball screw/nut system allows the conversion of rotational movement into linear movement and vice versa.

Rolled ball screws


All our screws can be delivered cut to any length. If not specifically requested, the bars will be delivered without chamfer and with the standard straightness. On request, we can supply chamfered and/or straightened bars. For all requests outside the standard length and characteristics, a preliminary price study is required. Depending on your requirements, we can also machine the ends of screws or perform additional operations on our standard nuts.

Ball screws

trapezoidal screws
vis trapézoïdales panel vertical

Gradel-Baudin ball screws are manufactured by cold forming. This process consists of deforming a smooth metal bar by pressing it by rotation using tools called knurls to obtain the thread. We use carbon alloy steels, known for their high quality: C55R (1.1209) or CF53 (1.1213). After rolling, the screws undergo surface induction hardening. This type of heat treatment hardens the surface of the screw, while preserving the mechanical characteristics in the core, which guarantees good wear resistance and improves resistance to fatigue. Finally, the screws are cleaned, polished and checked one by one.

Technical benefits

The action of the balls transforms the friction of a simple screw/nut system into a bearing which reduces overheating and therefore wear. The purpose of this system is to achieve smooth, fast movements and more accurate positioning. Mechanical efficiency and service life are much higher. There is no "stick slip" effect. The drive power required is reduced and the ball screws can be reversed. The ball screw/nut system is a particularly quiet system.

Fields of application

The ball screw/nut system is generally used in precision machines (machining centres, machines with high feed and rotation speeds, drive systems, etc.), medical equipment, presses, cutting machines, etc.


Due to their excellent efficiency of over 90%, ball screws are reversible systems. To hold the system in position, it is necessary to put a brake on the activated system.


The recommendations for the lubrication of ball screws are the same as for ball bearings; they can be lubricated either with oil or grease. When delivered, the screw/nut assemblies are supplied with a greasy rust protection film. When assembled, the ball screw/nut assemblies must be lubricated with a lubricant suitable for the intended use, the behaviour of which must be checked on initial start-up. If the effect of rotation expels it, it is necessary to choose a higher viscosity. It should be noted that a single lubrication is insufficient in most cases and it is advisable to top up after the first few trips and to determine the frequency and doses required. Finally, the same type of lubricant should always be used so that regular and appropriate lubrication protects the ball screw/nut assembly against corrosion and reduces wear.

• For grease lubrication, use grease type KPE2R-20 according to DIN 51502
• For oil lubrication, mineral oils are suitable for ordinary temperatures
• For high temperature operation, use a synthetic oil


• Profile: Gothic profile with 5- or 10-mm pitch
• Material: C55R (1 .1209) or CF53 (1 .1213) treated
• Raceway: induction treated at 700±50 HV and polished
• Accuracy: screws delivered in T7 quality (on request possibility of T5, T9 or T10 qualities)
• Operating temperatures: from -20°C to + 80°C

Definition of the ball profile


• Nominal displacement: product of the nominal helical pitch and the number of revolutions
• Actual displacement: actual displacement of the ball nut relative to the screw, or screw and screw, for a given number of revolutions

• Average actual displacement: obtained from the actual displacement by a linear least square approximation
• Specified displacement: product of the nominal helical pitch and the number of revolutions plus a displacement compensation

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