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Short cylindrical steel nuts

Short cylindrical nuts of 11SMnPb37 steel according to ISO 2901/2903 and DIN 103. For use as fastening nuts (clamping or locking functions), for taking static loads, for drives with low speeds and for manual operation. The use of steel trapezoidal nuts on steel or stainless-steel screws is not recommended for motor drives due to the material combination.

Short cylindrical steel nuts

Trapezoidal nuts

We offer you different types of trapezoidal nuts with a thread that is obtained by chip removal. They are adapted to your needs thanks to their various sizes or shapes and the properties of the material they are made of: steel, bronze or nylon. Our wide range of quality nuts can meet all your requirements!

usinage percage ambiance
écrous hexagonaux caisse-bois

With a full range, we offer high performance and reliable products that perfectly meet the needs of the market.

écrous trapézoïdaux acier hexagonaux

Steel nuts 11SMnPb37 (1.0737) or 11SMn37 (1.0736)

Used for manual or motorised operation at low speeds, for clamping or locking functions, or for static loads. Not recommended with stainless steel screws.

écrous trapézoïdaux bronze épaulés perces

Bronze nuts CuSn7ZnPb

Used for manual or motorised operation at low to medium speeds and under heavy load. The combination with steel or stainless-steel screws is successful, especially if lubrication is well ensured.

écrous trapézoïdaux nylon-cylindriques

Plastic nuts PA6.6 (Nylon)

Used for manual or motorised operation with medium to high speeds and moderate loads. The combination with steel or stainless-steel screws gives good results and a very low noise level. These nuts can be used without lubrication but their lifespan will be shortened.

Characteristic of trapezoidal profile


Ød = nominal thread diameter
P = thread pitch
Ød2 = d - 0,5P
Ød3 = d - 2h3 = d - p - 2Ac

ac = thread root play
Ac = ac + 0,075P
(in the case of rolled thread)
h3 = 0,5P + Ac = 0,5P + ac + 0,075P
H3 = 0,5P + ac

ØD1 = d – P
ØD2 = d – 0,5P
ØD4 = d + 2ac
R1 max = 0,5ac
R2 max = ac

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Ø D2 max (mm)
Ø D2 min (mm)
Ø D3 min (mm)
Contact surface (mm2)
Weight (Kg/piece)
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