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Trapezoidal screws “Premium 316”

Our Trapezoidal screws “Premium 316” made of 316L (1.4404) stainless steel, obtained by cold forming (rolling) according to ISO 2901/2902 and DIN103 in tolerance 7e, are valued for their excellent straightness, pitch accuracy and high strength. We produce single right-hand and left-hand threads and double right-hand threads in lengths of 3 metres, up to and including Ø28, and in lengths of 6 metres and over.

Trapezoidal screw “Premium 316”


All our screws can be delivered cut to any length. If not specifically requested, the bars will be delivered without chamfer and with the standard straightness. On request, we can supply chamfered and/or straightened bars. For all requests outside the standard length and characteristics, a preliminary price study is required. Depending on your requirements, we can also machine the ends of screws or perform additional operations on our standard nuts.

Trapezoidal screws

vis trapézoïdales panel vertical

Our threaded rods with trapezoidal threads are obtained by cold forming (rolling) according to ISO 2901/2902 and DIN103 in tolerance 7e. Our nuts are tapped by chip removal. We offer a complete range of high performance and reliable products that perfectly meet the needs of the market.

The roller burnishing of the sidewalls creates an excellent surface finish that will:

• increase nut life by reducing abrasion
• improve efficiency by reducing friction
• improve movement fluidity by reducing vibrations.

In addition, this process allows a high production rate with less raw material used.

Characteristic of trapezoidal profile


Ød = Nominal thread diameter
P = Thread pitch
Ød2 = d - 0,5P
Ød3 = d - 2h3 = d - p - 2Ac

ac = thread root play
Ac = ac + 0,075P
(in the case of rolled thread)
h3 = 0,5P + Ac = 0,5P + ac + 0,075P
H3 = 0,5P + ac

ØD1 = d – P
ØD2 = d – 0,5P
ØD4 = d + 2ac
R1 max = 0,5ac
R2 max = ac

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Straightness (mm/300mm)
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A diameter less than 28mm does not allow a length greater than 3000mm for structural reasons.
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